About Us

Experience You Can Count On

 Dr Lucy's doctoral work concentrated on the brain, dementia and how we can translate current research to practice everyday knowledge to use to protect our brain. She developed and patented the Brain Guard System, a unique program for people who are at risk for cognitive brain problems and diseases or those who just want to protect their most precious asset... their brain. 

 I am  a passionate Doctorate researcher and Registered Nurse, Creator of the Brain Guard System for Brain Health and Protection, Aging Advocate for Fearless Aging, National Speaker and author.

My Story 

 After 40 years in the healthcare industry  caring for people one on one with dementia and Alzheimer's disease  I decided to alter direction. Back to school I went to study the brain dementia and what researcher are reporting about how to protect our brains. Now, armed with 40 years experience and a Doctorate degree I  share my passion by helping others to keep their brain healthy and protected as we age . It is never too early or too late to start and now is the time!

Now fast forward to 2020 and as I age I realize there is more to life in the second half then I ever imagined! So along with the work I do with the Brain Guard System and helping to protect your brain I am moving beyond also to live out the rest of my life as a Curated Life one that is filled with a healthy brain, fearless aging, happiness and all with Grace! Follow oru blogs and you come along and explore your own Curated Life!